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Poland Szczyrk New Years Dance Festival 2012 , 27 December – 2 January 2013

Hello dance and contact lovers.
We hereby invite you to celebrate the New Year in a ritualistic way.
Imagine every thing, white and calm…
In the middle of the forest, were the silence is speechless…
No one around…
You are the first person to make footprints on the snow
and discover it’s fluffy nature – squeaky sound that you will never forget.

We will spend 4 days in the studio, in the city centre of Szczyrk and 2 days in the snowy mountains, all that in the south of Poland.

December 28th to 31st with two main workshops of:
Improvisation – Rita Vilhena
Contact Improvisation – Tal Avni
Every day there will be yoga in the morning and jams in the evening.
There will be jams in silence, as well as with live music, we will dance in the studio as well in the snow :).
People should have good warm clothes and everyone will have chance to dance (perform on the 31 December) out doors in the main square of the city centre, if they so wish.

January 1st and 2nd
The teachers and dancers will take an unforgettable walk from the city centre to the top of the Skrzyczne mountain and sleep there in the shelter. Were we will have a hot cosy fire place, some glue wine, wild singing with a guitar company and who knows maybe even a bit of dancing.2ndJanuary we will walk back. Each walk should take around 4 hours. We plan to be back in the city centre around 14.30.
You need proper clothes and boots if you wish to go. There is a ski lift for those not so keen on walking, or for those who would like to be back earlier on the 2ndJanuary for their flight.

More information:
contact: Pawel Konior: email:, +31626319532
If you want to see, how the mountains and area of Szczyrk looks like go to:


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