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Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What are the prices for ski lifts
  • A: Prices for ski lifts can be found at
  • Q: How can I book a room?
  • A: You can call Ms. Ursula Konior +48601574948
  • Q: How much is the accommodation?
  • A: Price per person is  17€ - in the winter and 10€ in the summer.
  • Q: On what account I need to transfer prepayment?
  • A: Ursula Konior ul. Malinowa 10B, 43-370 Szczyrk, Bank Pekao SA 29 1240 4142 1111 0000 4822 8790.
  • Q: Is there possibility to use the kitchen?
  • A: There is a kitchen for guests, with (fridge, induction cooker, table, sink, pots, plates, cutlery, etc).
  • Q: Is  it allowed to smoke in the building? 
  • A: The whole house is completely non-smoking. If you smoke, you have to go outside.
  • Q: Where is the closest place one can eat?
  • A: In the winter season there are bars near the ski lifts, in the summer you can eat in the center of Szczyrk.
  • Q: How far is the nearest store?
  • A: The nearest store is 30 minutes - on foot and 5 minutes by car
  • Q: Do the rooms have bathrooms?
  • A: There are 2 rooms with bathrooms and 2 rooms with bathroom in the corridor.
  • Q: How far is it to the ski lift?
  • A: 10 minutes on foot or 4 minutes skiing . After skiing all day you can get back to the house riding through the forest.
  • Q: Is it possible to rent equipment and instructors?
  • A:Yes you can do it on the ski slope.
  • Q: Is it possible to dry clothes and shoes?
  • A: Yes there is a room where you can store your ski equipment and dry your shoes.
  • Q: Is there TV in the rooms.
  • A: No, but instead there is a beautiful view for the mountains and a sound of the small stream:)
  • Q: How good is the mobile signal?
  • A: All networks have good coverage.
  • Q: How far is the house from the center?
  • A: About 4 km. You can get there on foot - in an hour. Buses run to the center every half hour (the bus stop is 10 minutes walk from the house).
  • Q: How big are the rooms?
  • A: The rooms are for 2,2,4,5 persons.
  • Q: How is the access to the property. Is there any parking?
  • A: In winter, access is difficult due to heavy snowfall (snow chains required). Parking for four cars.

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