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Szczyrk Contact Festival 2013

II Szczyrk New Years Contact Festival 2013, 27 December – 1 January 2013

Hello dance and contact lovers.
Hereby we invite you to celebrate the New Year party in Szczyrk
Imagine every thing, white and calm…
In the middle of the forest, were the silence is speechless…
You are the first person to make footprints on the snow
and discover it’s fluffy nature – squeaky sound that you never forget.

We will spend 6 evenings in the studio, in the city centre of Szczyrk and 1 day in the snowy mountains, all that in the south of Poland.

4 Bieg pod Golgote

Zapraszamy na 4 Bieg pod Golgota - Zabawa i Sport.

I mistrzostwa Polski w biegu na rakietach snieznych


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